2020 Family Vision

2020 Vision. (Pun intended)

Does the start of a new year get you a little bit like a deer in the headlights? Me too.

I look at that fresh, blank calendar and gape at all the possibilities and opportunities that the new year can bring with equal parts fear and excitement.

This time of year can also lend itself to looking in the rearview. “Did I accomplish all the things I wanted to this last year?” “Why not?”

The answer is usually simply a lack of vision. We have the best intentions, but without a clear vision and a specific plan our intentions pave the way to hell, right?

Well, I’m here to help. Last year Nate and I started a new exercise. We sat down together at the beginning of the year and talked about our goals and dreams for not only the upcoming year, but the next 3, 5, and 10 years.

The results were eye opening. These kinds of conversations don’t blossom naturally. We’re so entrenched in the day to day – jobs, bill paying, cooking dinner, bathing children, cleaning the house, the list goes on and on – that these deeper, more meaningful conversations are hard to get to.

Here’s the steps we follow to create a vision for our lives for the upcoming year and our long-term future:

Step One: Schedule
Put it on the calendar. Ideally, get out of the house and away from the children and natural distractions. Get away and clear your head in order to be able to dream big.

Step Two: Brainstorm
Ask yourself and your partner: What do I want to accomplish in the upcoming year? What do I want more of? What do I want less of? What would make me really happy? What’s most important to us and our family?

These are the categories we use to organize our thoughts:

  1. Family – Our immediate family, children, parents, friends: what are we doing to pay attention to these kinds of relationships?
  2. Health – Focus not only on Physical, but Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health as well
  3. Finances – Dollar, dollar bills, yo.
  4. Marriage – *raises eyebrow*
  5. House – We use this to mean all physical things with our home: projects we’ve been meaning to do, corners of the basement needing organization, homestead dreams and goals.
  6. Work – Your profession and what you want out of “work”, whatever that means to you.

Did you know that multiple studies have shown that simply writing down your goals and dreams drastically improves your chances of accomplishing them?

Write those babies down! And then hang them on the fridge. Or your bathroom mirror. Anywhere you’re going to have to look at them every day. This helps to keep yourself in check. You’re able to asses the little day-to-day things and ask yourself “is this action going to help me accomplish my goals?”.

Revisit Often
Minimum 6 month, maybe quarterly or even monthly – sit down with your spouse, significant other or life coach/partner and reassess. Am I making progress towards my goals? Why not? Are these goals still S.M.A.R.T.? (Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic/Relevant. Time Based.) If not, it’s okay to let them go. Our lives are in constant flux and ever changing. There’s so much we can’t predict or plan for. It’s important to be flexible in this process and willing to adapt and let go of things that just don’t make sense for you right now. Maybe you can revisit them in the future, but don’t hold onto something just because you put it on your list. Go easy on yourself, my friend.

Really – that’s it! Give these puppies and print and let me know how Vision Planning your year for your family works out for you!

FREE 2020 Family Vision Planning Worksheet

FREE 3, 5, 10 Year Family Vision Worksheet

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