Hi! We’re the Eatons.

Nate [nay-t] husband and father. outdoorsman: hunter, fly fisher, tree identifier. hard working carpenter.

Danielle [dan-yel] wife and mother. city girl turned chicken lover, gardener, goat keeper. creative storyteller. 

Amelia [uh-mel-ee-uh] daughter and sister. compassionate, tree climbing, fashionista, chicken catcher. wears heart on sleeve. 

Wyatt [wahy-uht] son and brother. adventurous, sweet, tractor loving, wild boy. generous with hugs and sloppy kisses. 

We’re a regular family of four,
doing our best to build our homestead and chase our dreams.

Sometimes we gorge ourselves on fresh melon still warm from the garden. 
Sometimes we make frozen chicken nuggets for dinner. 

We’re not perfect, and don’t try to be. This is real life. It’s messy. It’s loud. 
We make mistakes. We yell. But, we love each other hard. 

We strive to find the beauty in everyday God has blessed us with, 
even when our eyes strain to see it. 

You’re more than welcome to join us on our journey. Learn with us. 
Watch us grow, and connect with us so we can cheer for you too!

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